Games and Sports

  FROM SPORTS DEPARTMENT                

Immaculate Heart has not only continued to shine in academic but also in co curricular activities most especially in sports.  It has managed to win the district net ball trophy for secondary schools in Rukungiri for four(4) consecutive years.  In this regard, therefore, it as one trophy in its shelves for keeps..

Internally, the time that is spared for sports is effectively used.  Students are engaged in jogging and exercise to make them physically strong and fit, as we believe that a healthy mind needs a healthy body.  For continuity of a strong school team, competitions are internally organized on the basis of classes and colours.  In the recent concluded inter colour competitions, the netball trophy was won by red colour, volley ball trophy by yellow colour and the foot ball trophy was won by green.  Blue colour emerged as the over all winner of the sports events that included athletics.

The sports department works tirelessly to ensure that individual talents I sports ate tapped and developed.  in the under 16 netball tournament organized  for S1 and S2 classes S2D  played with S1D in the finals.  It was a very hot contest where S.2D came from behind in 2nd half to win 10goals to 8goals.  After implementing the MOES idea of having P.E lessons taught in schools we hope to go a further step in strengthening the school teams in different sporting activities.

Teachers have also started a staff fitness club, and staff membership is overwhelmingly increasing.  As a department we appreciate the headmistress’s contribution towards the development of sports in the school.  We salute all the staff members and the students for the love and support they give us, for their commitment and team work spirit.  We acknowledge the school netball team that represented the school at the national event under the leadership of the sports ministers Lonious Natukunda S6Sc and Zirimu Gertrude S4 . They did a great job and we are proud of that. I also must appreciate Mr. Kabuyanda Jimmy who guided the team as a coach and Mr. Turyagumanawe Moses, who assisted me in all areas.  I enjoy working with such great sportsmen.

We cannot forget to mention the school administration for the love for sports, the moral and financial support. It is not a guarantee that the school ought to be part for such competitions. Mr. Muramuzi Julius who has worked in the sports department for some good time.  We are building from his strong foundation for sports in the school.  You will remain our advisor. I appreciate Mr. Ntakarimaze Michael the chief editor of the sky limit for always sparing us some space for sports articles.  Bravo.

To all of you out there who will have an opportunity to read through sports articles, we say, sportsmen and sports ladies are never too old to exercise their bodies.  Regular exercise makes the heart and lungs more efficient and may help to reduce the tendency of the blood to clot. It is also an important factor in preserving normal weight and in preserving normal bone density.  So once in a while pick an exercise which you enjoy doing and exercise your body.