Headmistress’ Message

Headmistress’ Message

I feel  extremely  delighted  and honoured  to write  about  Immaculate Heart Nyakibale  Girls S.S.S at this time  of great development. I am particularly grateful to the  NRM administration for the  favourable atmosphere which has so far facilitated the growth and  expansion of this  school to become a strong  and admirable educational institution in the country.

Immaculate Heart has  a history to sing about. The school has a beginning and the  determination to continues aiming at higher  horizons. This  school has a mission and motivation. It has a  future to hope for. Immaculate Heart  has  unfolded and bloomed, it has growth in numbers, infrastructure, discipline

and  academic excellence.

The  school  which had 415 students , 31 teaching staff, 8 support staff and 40  Group employees in 1993 now stands at 612 students, 40 teaching staff, 10 support staff and 45 Group employees.

In terms of  academics , the school is among the national academic  giant schools. In 1993, the school began its academic  race with a ‘no turning back ‘vow. Immaculate  Heart a school with rural setting, then began by favourably  competing with other giant schools in the country and won fame by performing wonderfully well. Most of her product have joined Universities in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and U.S.A, while others have gone to different Institutions of higher learning.

At Ordinary Level, First grade scores which were rare or very minimal started  shooting up. And from that time up to date Immaculate  Heart has consistently gone up the academic ladder.

In terms  of infrastructure, the school has put in place a number of classrooms, big’Alevel dormitory, a science Laboratory , a milling house and is  currently constructing a four storeyed structure comprising of  classrooms, Library and a multipurpose  hall, which is almost ready for roofing. In addition there has been general improvement of the school  environment of the  school environment to suit education purposes.

The  discipline  of Immaculate Heart is un beatable. This has become the foundation of all the achievements the school has witnessed. The cooperation,  dedication and unity of the  staff members booth teaching and support is amazing strong. There is no reason why Immaculate Heart would fail to bear the kind of good results in as is concerned. Immaculate Heart has won the  favour of most people, is a central educational institution and the pride  of Rukungiri District.

The reputation of Immaculate heart should  never be taken for granted by anybody. There lies strong movers  behind this great harvest. Different people  have planned and toiled. Brains of different  personalities have combined to bring about such development in the  school. Such personalities stand at the centre stage of this growth and their direct and indirect  contribution should never be by passed. Rather, it should be appreciated and upheld so that the school grows greater and if possible becomes the greatest because Immaculate Heart  is on a journey whose destination is not yet realised.

I am  particularly grateful to the  entire staff of Immaculate Heart whose tireless efforts is immeasurable . I can never forget to thank the  students and the  student leaders whose cooperation and  determination make them  exemplary in word and deed.

Immaculate Heart as a school  will live to remember the great contribution by the past and present  Board of Governors, the PTA and the entire Executive  spearheaded by the  chairman Mr. Peter Kagumaho. To parents and all  the well-wishers of this  school, I say thank you very much for  shaping Immaculate Heart to  become  a liberation centre for  girls  and training  for the  future leaders of Uganda.

I wish to extend special thanks to the Ministry of Education for the great support extended  to this school. In this regard Immaculate Heart is particularly grateful to Hon. AmanyaMushega, Hon. Dr.AbelRwendeire, Hon. Jim Muhwezi and Mr. Stephen Maloba.

In addition, I wish  to appreciate  the great contribution made by

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