The Chapel


This is a separate part of a church with its own altar used for services and private prayer.

The chapel at Immaculate Heart Girls’ School is still under construction and it is found in the Golden Jubilee Complex

True, this chapel isn’t like any ordinary chapel since it is the largest chapel in

Western Uganda. It is elegant, gorgeous and very specious.

This chapel so impressive in that a simple glance keeps you gazing at this marvelous place of worship. When you enter this piece and opulent walls that are guily painted especially those of the gallery leave you amazed.

I just can’t heave my heart into my mouth. Actually, I can hardly find the right words to describe the actual chapel at Immaculate Heart Girls’ School. It is a treasure one should see without fail.

We all hope for the successful completion of the Golden Jubilee Complex.

Compiled by

Julliean Quinn