The glamorous library is situated in the Magoba complex which is on the right hand from mother Mary’s grotto. It is on the second floor at the Magoba complex.
It is managed and controlled by a librarian who ensures that students are silent and are doing something beneficial. Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV cameras) have been installed in all corners of the library for easy monitoring of students by administrators. The librarian also helps in lending and registering students who borrow library books. She also ensures that the books are returned basing on the signed and agreed date. More so, she is assisted by librarian student leaders who ensure the organisation of books in the shelves. These combine efforts and ensure the reading of relevant materials. A librarian makes it a point to give a report about the number of books in the library.
On the entrance, there is a reception for the librarian when she administers students who borrow and return books. The book shelves are in the middle of the library with various books of different subjects. The left and right side of the library is divided into sections which ensures effective personal reading. In front hand side of the reception, there are other small shelves with past paper files. In the middle of the book shelves and personal reading sections, there are tables where students can also read from. The telephone both right hand corner of the reception is effectively used when the administration wants to clarify something in the library.
The glamorous library has really helped students to excel in academic and it also keeps them informed through research. It is not a surprise that Immaculate Heart is among the top leading schools in Uganda. At 50 years, it has come to be known as on international school.